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2658 – Aqua Yoga for Pain

Intermediate / Half-Day Course
Chicago, IL / Saturday, April 9, 2022 – 8:00-11:00 am – 3.0 credit hours
(Classroom: 8:00-9:30 am / Indoor Pool: 9:30-11:00 am)

Faculty: Christa Fairbrother, MA, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Aqua yoga is a unique modality to benefit people living with chronic pain. It combines the philosophical, physical, and neurological benefits of land yoga with the properties of aquatic exercise to maximize who can access the teachings of yoga. In this workshop, we’ll cover what aqua yoga offers people living with pain and discuss communication and relaxation strategies that are both yoga based and yoga friendly that any professional can implement into their programming.

1) Review the neurobiology of chronic pain.
2) Understand specific benefits yoga offers people living with chronic pain.
3) Review latest research on yoga and aquatics for chronic pain.
4) Examine differences between what aqua yoga offers this population compared to general aquatics.
5) Learn the basics of aqua yoga meditation.
6) Apply yoga breathwork to other aquatic modalities.
7) Discuss communication strategies useful for working with chronic pain patients such as yoga philosophy, motivational interviewing, and creative analogies.

FACULTY: Christa Fairbrother, MA, ATRIC, is an internationally recognized aqua yoga coach and trainer.  Her personal aqua yoga practice started as a way to manage her own arthritis and she specializes in helping others relieve their arthritic symptoms with aquatic therapy. Her forthcoming book, Water Yoga – A Teacher’s Guide to Improving Movement, Health and Wellbeing will be published by Singing Dragon Publishers in 2022.