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Past ATRI Award Winners

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ATRI Awards Nomination Forms

Thank you for requesting nomination forms for the 2021 Aquatic Therapy Awards – Click on the links below to print out nomination forms for the 2021 Aquatic Therapy Professional Award, Tsunami Spirit Award and the Aquatic Therapy Dolphin Award. A description of each award is listed below.

Aquatic Therapy Professional Award  for distinguished service to the profession is the highest award ATRI members can bestow on each other in recognition of long and distinguished service to the Aquatic Therapy field. The recipient must be: clearly outstanding in the profession; exemplify the best in service, research, teaching, and/or administration; recognized as a noteworthy leader; the type of person whose life and contributions could inspire others to live vigorously, courageously, and freely.The Tsunami Spirit Award offers well-deserved recognition to creative and innovative individuals and businesses in the industry. A Tsunami is an unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake or undersea volcanic eruption. Like many things in the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry, tsunamis are the immense effects of something unseen. Also much like our industry, these unseen events cause a large amount of water to move. “Tsunami Spirit” implies innovation, creativity and the implementation of new ideas. In keeping with that concept, this award was developed to recognize individuals, businesses, facilities and publications who have shown an innovative spirit in the aquatic therapy and rehabilitation industry.

The Aquatic Therapy Dolphin Award recognizes individuals who have made a difference or been an inspiration to others by creating harmony in the field of aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. Dolphins have always had a special place in our hearts – from the well known TV character, Flipper, who was friendly and playful to the latest research being conducted on the benefits of dolphin therapy. This giving animal used in therapy has the ability to trigger the healing process in people. Current programs have shown great results in patients with autism, Down’s Syndrome and chronic depression. Dolphins are the original aquatic therapists!

Like the dolphins who make a difference in so many lives, there are individuals who do the same. Examples of the Dolphin Award include going beyond the call of duty; fostering kindness for other participants at aquatic therapy events; sponsoring or subsidizing an event or action in aquatic therapy; guiding others into aquatic therapy and rehab; volunteering time and resources to further aquatic therapy and rehab; displaying grace and gentility in dealing with problems; cooperating in gathering information to promote aquatic therapy or assist others in the industry and guiding the aquatic therapy industry or individuals in it with affinity, amity and devotion.

The 2021 Aquatic Therapy Awards will be presented at the International Aquatic Therapy Symposium, (June 1-4, 2021 in Sanibel, FL). When completing the forms, bear in mind that the selection committee will be instructed to evaluate the nominees based on the criteria in Section II. Your detailed supporting materials will help the committee evaluate your nominee’s qualifications.

We look forward to receiving your nominations. Please email the nomination forms by April 1, 2021 to with Award Nomination in the Subject line to have your nominee considered for an award. Thank you for your support of the aquatic therapy industry.