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The ATRI Elist/Bulletin Board

Take advantage of a wealth of aquatic therapy information sharing by joining the elist. The elist/Bulletin Board is an ongoing email discussion group. Aquatic professionals from around the world pose and answer questions here. Information sharing (therapy techniques, medical updates, upcoming educational opportunities, job openings, etc.) and networking makes the elist an invaluable tool.

To join the elist discussions/board, follow this link: Join Here

As members of the elist/Bulletin Board, you will be expected to uphold and adhere to the following guidelines. Please read them carefully before subscribing.

The elist/Bulletin Board is an information-sharing tool, open to all professionals wishing to learn and exchange ideas and techniques in the field of aquatics. Each member of the elist offers a different perspective to the aquatic therapy discipline and is an integral step in a client’s road to recovery. Each posting should demonstrate professionalism and respect toward all Bulletin Board members.