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Quotes from Subscribers to the ATRI EList/Bulletin Board

“Similar to picking up the phone and calling a friend with a question, I know that I can post an aquatic therapy related question to the ATRI Bulletin Board, and get a reply from trusted, experienced professionals. The network has served me in many areas, including Medicare issues, salary ranges, safety standards, and tidbits from Ruth Sova. It’s great to be so easily connected to a wide range of people with aquatic therapy knowledge and pool expertise.”

Terri Mitchell, PTA, ATRIC
Austin, TX

“Just in the past few weeks the Bulletin Board has helped me find information and resources for a lecture I was asked to give to a group of physical therapists. It has also provided me with the opportunity to share some of my own wisdoms by answering questions posted on the Board; it’s a wonderful way to reach others involved in aquatic therapy across the nation and break down some of the isolation barriers that especially new providers often experience (I know I used to until I found ATRI!)”

Martina Frost, PTA, PA-SII, ATRIC
Tucson, AZ

“I got a new job through the Bulletin Board. This new job is exactly the job that I need to further my aquatic therapy career development. Thank you.”

Sheralee Beebe, BA, MES
Redwood City, CA

“I worked with clients in the water for 5 years before knowing anyone else was doing it. Even the Internet didn’t have much in those days. Then I found ATRI and my professional “family”. This Bulletin Board is like the family newsletters I get from my genetically-related kids … it keeps me in touch with all that’s going on. More importantly, it’s a way for newcomers to aquatics to know they’re not alone out there, as I once felt.”

Douglas W (Doug) Kinnaird, LMT, LMP
Portland OR

“I look forward to reading the ATRI Bulletin Board everyday. There are interesting questions to ponder or answer and new information to learn. There is a feeling of unity. Our interest in water therapy bonds us! As we attend conferences and workshops we will be able to put an e-mail address together with a face and hopefully establish ongoing contact.”

Ann Davidsen, OTR/L
Libertyville, IL

“The ATRI Bulletin Board is an excellent source of philanthropic advise from experts in the field who provide educational information that has been useful in my aquatic therapy practice. I was also able to get information on where to purchase a chair lift at wholesale prices, and located some referral sources for a friend in another region of the country who was looking for an aquatic therapist. When I have a special need, all I need do is ask and I receive.”

Rosemary H. Shuler, MS, CTRS, ATRIC
Wake Forest, NC

“Since joining the Bulletin Board last fall, I have read and copied information that I can easily handout to my instructors and clients. This venue has allowed me to stay current on issues and to be informed on new data in Aquatic Therapy I never knew existed. Also, I get to read what others are doing in their pools and how they also face problems similar to our pool. I only wish I had joined sooner.”

Johanne Audy-LeBlond
Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada

“The Bulletin Board is a great way to get some answers quick. It seems a lot of people are starting H2O practices with little experience and need the guidance of those of us who have been out there.”

Ruth Meyer, MEd, RKT, ATRIC
Charlottesville, VA