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ATRI Discussions

Opinions and suggestions expressed in this column represent e-list member responses to the query posted. They are not represented by the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute and/or the
author(s) of this column as recommendations regarding appropriate practice.

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Ankle Weights for Pediatrics (October 2012)

Boomboxes (July 2011)

Cleaning Pool Equipment (May 2010)

Ear Bands (October 2011)

In-Water Heart Rate Monitors (July 2012)

Pool Alarms (December 2010)

Software (February 2010)

Software for Aquatic Illustrations (February 2011)

Submersible Wheelchairs (July 2012)

Waterproof Bandaging (November 2009)

Waterproof Cast Covers (April 2010)

Water Temperature and Pool Thermometers (June 2010)


Orthopedic Issues

Meniscus Tear (August 2012)

Scapular Fractures (October 2012)

Scoliosis (October 2012)

Shoulder (June 2009)

Total Replacement Statistics (June 2012)



Aquatic Sports Conditioning Certification Program (July 2012)

Bariatric Accessibility (August 2009)

Fecal Issues (May

Lap Lane Sharing (October 2012)

Making a Therapy Pool Profitable (July 2012)

Music in the Water (March 2010)

Operations Manual (February 2009)

Pool Decking Material (October 2012)

Pool Operations (January 2010)

Pool Safety Guidelines (October 2012)

Renting Pool Space (September 2009)

Renting Pool Space – Part II (October 2012)

Resistance (October 2012)

Showering before Pool Session (October 2012)

Supervision of
Physical Therapy Assistants
(April 2009)

Therapeutic Assessments (July 2012)

Therapy Pool
(July 2009)

Working with Volunteers and Students (August 2010)


Systemic Issues

Blood Pressure (July 2012)

Bone Density (March

Cancer (May

Cardiac Rehab (June

Cellulitis (June 2012)

Cystic Fibrosis (June 2012)

Diabetes and Dementia (July 2012)

Fibromyalgia (June 2012)

Gout (October 2012)

MS (October 2012)

Pool-Induced Asthma (October 2009)

Tracheotomy Advice (October 2012)

UTIs (October 2012)