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Gait Applications

1-hour Course
Live on Zoom / Saturday, May 1, 2021
10:00 AM Eastern / 9:00 AM Central / 8:00 AM Mountain / 7:00 AM Pacific

Faculty: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Gait is more than just walking! It has components such as speed, distance, pace, and timing that all need to be coordinated. The better they connect, the more improvement is possible. In this workshop, some of the variations and progressions will be structured for better gait and fewer falls, which will lead to better functioning on land. From technical components such as the leg and arm swing, from foot control to kinetic chain issues… we’ll work on better trunk control and have many variables to practices with.

1) Explore gait in function and in technique.
2) Apply various concepts to challenge gait skills.
3) Experience progressions to improve gait, including balance and stability.
4) Watch and discuss videos of challenged walkers.

FACULTY: Katrien Lemahieu, MSEN, ATRIC, has 20-plus years of experience in aquatics and has been a presenter worldwide since 2005. She studied physical education and holds a degree in Special Movement Education with an emphasis in Motoric Remedial Teaching and a focus on pediatrics. She has developed three e-learning programs on aquatic fitness (AquaMagicMoves) and is CEO of two educational institutes for aquatics: Kataqua for aquatic fitness and ProOZo for swimming. She is the organizer of the annual European Aquatic Fitness Conference (EAFC).