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Five Key Exercises for Pelvic Floor Function

1-hour Course
Live on Zoom / Saturday, February 27, 2021
10:00 AM Eastern / 9:00 AM Central / 8:00 AM Mountain / 7:00 AM Pacific

Faculty: Camella Nair, Swami, C-IAYT

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Thriving in optimal health in a gravitational field as the body ages or is subject to injury and trauma can be challenging for a healthy pelvic floor. Very often the imbalance comes from our inability to cultivate and sustain a healthy lifestyle and so just assessing any problems from a musculoskeletal standpoint may not delay or eradicate the need for surgery or further discomfort. The system of yoga offers a multidimensional protocol which requires mental, emotional as well as physical self-awareness and discipline in order to reverse PF dysfunction. In this workshop we will be exploring the importance of a healthy pelvic floor by becoming more aware of posture and how it relates to an imbalance of the superficial, urogenital and deep PF muscles, as well as offering clinical poses to address hyper and hypo tonicity.

1) To become more aware of the clinical application of yoga therapeutics for greater pelvic floor awareness and health.
2) Examine the importance of relaxation and proper breathing.
3) Create a protocol for improving or sustaining pelvic floor health for a lifetime of change.

FACULTY: Camella Nair, Swami, C-IAYT, is one of the few ordained female Swamis currently teaching in the Kriya Lineage. It is an unbroken line of gurus dating back thousands of years. She pioneered Aqua Kriya Yoga 20 years ago and travels to certify teachers in this field. As a female disciple, she authored “Prenatal Kriya Yoga” which is a mystical journey into pregnancy and motherhood. A registered Yoga Therapist and Prenatal Yoga Alliance registered teacher, she has a comprehensive online home-study in prenatal yoga at