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Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering for our 2020 Zoom Virtual National Aquatic Therapy Conference.

Volunteers pay a reduced registration fee in exchange for your work hours. Discounted fees are as follows:

Complete Conference (Thursday through Saturday in Chicago) – $675 (discounted from $895-$1035).

One Full-Day – $300 (discounted from $375)

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE. Complete the Volunteer Application (see below) and Registration Form (see below) and return to ATRI via email or fax. Questions, contact Monica –

National Aquatic Therapy Conference Volunteer Duties

Volunteers receive the same educational opportunity as a regular attendee. Volunteers select the courses they wish to attend and receive full CEC/CEU credit.

Volunteers serve as liaisons between the classroom and the staff. They will be emailed a course roster and announcements the night before each course. Volunteers will log on 15 minutes prior to the start of the course and check off the registrants on the roster as they log into the course.  At the designated start time of the course, the volunteer will welcome attendees, introduce the speaker and make any necessary announcements at the start of each course. Once course starts, quickly email staff to give a count of those logged on and if there are any missing.

Volunteers will assist in monitoring the time to ensure prompt start and end times.

Volunteer Application

To be considered, you must complete the Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Registration Form for the conference you wish to attend. Please do not register online.

Select courses on the Volunteer Registration Form for the Chicago Conference. Use number 1 to signify your first choice, 2 for your second choice, and 3 for third. You will be contacted by email to notify you if your choices are available.

Next email, fax or mail both forms to the ATRI office.

Our contact information is:

Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, Inc.
6602 Chestnut Circle
Naples, FL  34109
Toll Free Phone: 866-462-2874 / Direct: 712-298-8007
Fax: 561-828-8150
Email: Monica Gunn –

“When Do I Register?”

Wait for notification of acceptance. Please do not register online. Once you have been notified that you have been accepted, your registration will be processed with the payment information provided on your application.

Once you accept the volunteer position, you will be sent your finalized schedule along with your responsibilities. Schedules are subject to change.