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Host an ATRI Event

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To Host ATRI Courses at Your Facility!

If you have a handful of healthcare professionals who need training, you might be interested in hosting your own education at your facility. We’ll send an aquatic therapy specialist to you.

Host Your Own Education Benefits:

Use your own clinic and pool.

An opportunity to train your staff on-site without the costs of travel.

Allow for outside attendees to participate and earn extra discounted registration options.

Simplify continuing education while improving your image.

Experience custom-made courses that focus on your caseload, pool and facility. Please email us for more details and let us know what your interests are so we can find the right courses and faculty for you.


Fees for Host Your Own Education:

Starting at $2000.00 per day – Full 8-hour days or half-day courses plus faculty travel, lodging and meals of faculty.

For some certifications and Specialty Certificate Programs (such as AquaStretch, Athletic Training, Children with Challenges, Risk Awareness Safety Training, Ai Chi and others) there is an additional $50.00 per person materials fee.

There are no material fees for the first 15 people in half-day and some full-day workshops.  Material fees over 15 people is $20 per person for half-day courses and $25 per person for full-day courses.

Some Popular Aquatic Course Offerings:

Intro to Aquatic Therapy
Ortho (UE or LE)
COVID-Long Haulers
Lumbar Stabilization
Practical Progressions
Balance and Gait Training
Back Rehab, BackHab Certification, Back Decompression and Pelvic Orientation
Shoulder Stabilization
Manual Techniques
Myofascial Release
Chronic Pain
Ai Chi – Balance and Trunk Stabilization OR Ai Chi Certification

For more information, contact Anne